AQIII - Quebec Association of IT Freelancers

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Get involved !

Make a difference Sept. 6, 2017

Committees and interest groups allow you to have a real impact for an association in your image.

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The key reference of the industry April 25, 2017

The industry portrait of independent IT consultants is the most important source of information available on IT freelancing: profiles, contracts, hourly rates, working conditions, entrepreneurial needs...

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The "III" Files

Join one of our working or standing committees! Sept. 27, 2016

Be part of the action and help build your community by getting involved on one of our working committees! Public affairs, Mentoring and start-ups, IT Expert certification, relationships with contract providers... Come and network with your peers AND build your association!

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Renewed board for 2016-2017

AQIII's board members Aug. 25, 2016

New chairman and renewed board

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