AQIII - Quebec Association of IT Freelancers

Administrating your business

Templates and tools

Now that you have decided to set up your IT business and are confident of success, you will need to master some financial concepts.

This chapter will give you access to tools and templates to meet your tax requirements: tax calculators and deductions at source (DAS), project management template and proposals...

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Standards and practices

Since the founding of my firm in 1994, I have assisted hundreds of start-up businesses. My years of experience as a Chartered Professional Accountant have enabled me to establish good financial management, and this by being disciplined like a fitness regime.

You now need to get into shape and get your business finances under control, which will make you a T1 business for many years.

In this section, tips, tricks and tax rules for spending...

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Taxes and obligations

  • Does your company have to register for GST and QST?
  • Source deductions? Corporate taxes?
  • Does your company qualify as a "small supplier"?
  • Will your company be entitled to a GST/QST refund?
  • When do you normally file a GST and QST return?

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