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Medicines Insurance Act

Since January 1, 1997, the Act respecting prescription drug insurance, which was passed by the Quebec National Assembly, has stipulated that all persons residing in Quebec must subscribe to a prescription drug insurance plan.

Membership in a drug insurance plan must first be through a group plan offered by a federation, a professional order or an association such as AQIII or through the group plan of one's employer or spouse and, failing the above, through the public plan (RAMQ).

To meet its requirements, the AQIII has joined forces with MédicAssurance.

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Disability insurance

Have you insured your main resource: yourself?

As a self-employed professional, you are the main asset of your business. You devote uncalculated energy and hours to the development of your business.

The AQIII's raison d'être is to provide its members with the means to compensate for the loss of this essential resource in the event of unforeseen circumstances. It is in this spirit that we give you access to protection services offered by professionals who are familiar with the reality of independent computer professionals.

You can replace your computer, but can your computer do without you?

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Professional indemnity insurance

The insurance protects you against claims reported to the insurer during the policy period that may result from professional services related to information technology consulting services, including :

  • services related to the design, manufacture, development, sale and distribution of computer software or hardware;
  • the provision of services to third parties connected to the Internet, including Internet access services, website construction and maintenance;
  • the development or installation of encryption software;
  • e-mail services;
  • The development or maintenance of discussion groups or noticeboards, or other related services.

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Travel insurance

As a prudent person, you want to avoid problems in the event of an accident or illness. Indeed, medical and hospital costs abroad can be astronomical and the coverage offered by the RAMQ only covers a small fraction of them, between 10% and 15% in most cases.

Make sure you read your contract carefully, because depending on your situation you may face complications.

Examples of costs that may arise during hospitalisation abroad
Examples of problematic situations in travel insurance

By Jean-Marc Denoncourt, Médicassurance.

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Your expert's columns

Your professional service providers speak out.

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