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Disability insurance

Disability insurance... an indispensable protection!

What is income protection?

  • In the event of an accident or illness, it provides you with an income to help you maintain your current lifestyle.
  • It can also be used to protect your business when you are unable to work.


You certainly don't want to lose your income and your health, valuable assets, and this is all the more important when you are in charge of your business.

What am I protecting?

Your health is your wealth...
Based on your current annual income, here's what you should receive by age 65, assuming a 5% increase per year.


Why should I protect my income?

Consider the odds of having at least one disability lasting more than 90 days before age 65:

  • At age 30, 5 in 9
  • At age 40, 4 in 9
  • At age 50, 1 in 3
  • At age 60, 1 in 7

In addition, if your disability lasts more than 90 days, the average duration of these disabilities is :

  • At age 30, 2.5 years
  • At age 40, 3.1 years
  • At age 50, 3.1 years
  • At age 60, 1.6 years

When can I make a claim?

You can claim benefits when, as a result of an accident or illness, you meet the definition of disability as described in your policy. For example, you are :

  • you are unable to carry out your profession (totally or partially)
  • you are under the care of a doctor
  • you do not work in any occupation

Will my benefits be reduced by inflation?

  • We can protect your benefits against inflation.
  • If the cost of living increases, your benefits will increase at the same rate, even during a disability.

Can I increase my benefits if my income increases?

  • The programs we offer allow you to increase your coverage over time
  • You can increase your benefits without completing a medical questionnaire
  • Financial statements are all you need

Can you help me return to work?

  • Yes - insurers offer various rehabilitation programs!
  • You can continue to receive benefits when you participate in a rehabilitation programme
  • In some cases, insurers will cover the costs of the programme, if it is recognised

Jean DURANLEAUfinancial security advisor
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You are the main asset of your business

As a self-employed professional, you are the main asset of your business. You devote uncalculated energy and hours to the development of your business. The AQIII's raison d'être is to provide its members with the means to compensate for the loss of this essential resource in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

AQIII added value: Partnership

AQIII added value: Partnership

The AQIII, your first ally

The AQIII surrounds itself with professionals who can offer entrepreneurial support services to its members. Its PRIVILÈGE partners are involved in the AQIII.

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Assurance invalidité Jean Duranleau

Assurance invalidité Jean Duranleau

Jean Duranleau Disability Insurance Inc. specializes in the development of high quality, customized health and disability insurance programs for individuals, associations and corporations.

As a member of the AQIII, take advantage of a special offer for disability insurance, regardless of your medical condition (certain conditions apply).

Jean Duranleau Disability Insurance Website

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AQIII Mentoring

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