AQIII - Quebec Association of IT Freelancers


Launching and structuring your business 

Independent IT Consultant's Guide to Starting a Business

Did you know that independent IT contractors are on the rise in Quebec? If you're thinking of starting your own business, now is a great time. Check out the Start-Up Guide, which provides a simple approach to IT micro-businesses in Quebec. You'll learn how to: create your business, get mandates quickly, protect your interests and your work, and ensure your financial stability.

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Branding 101

In a competitive market you need to stand out from your competitors, make a good impression, demonstrate your professionalism. At a minimum, this will involve the production of stationery, business cards for your contacts, letterhead and envelopes for correspondence. On the computer side, your logo could appear under your name as a signature on your e-mails and of course in the spotlight on your website, the creation of which is in itself a specialization of the graphic communications field. Finally, all modern communication tools, from brochures to advertisements, can be used. It's a question of strategy and budget.

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Choice of legal form

There are five legal forms of business in Quebec, each with specific legal and tax obligations:

  • the joint stock company (incorporated), 
  • the sole proprietorship operated by a natural person (registered), 
  • the cooperative, 
  • the association, 
  • partnership (S.E.N.C.).

However, there is a strong preponderance in the industry of the company (called a corporation, incorporated or limited) as the preferred legal entity. 

This status is adopted by some 90% of AQIII members.

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