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Demonstrate your professionalism... "Dress up your communications

In a competitive market, you need to stand out from your competitors, make a good impression and demonstrate your professionalism. To achieve this:

  • You need to dress up your communications with a personalised logo.

Like an advertising slogan, its design will be associated with you and your company's name and will easily be remembered by business people. To achieve this goal, your logo must be original and representative of who you are and what you have to offer.

For the creation of your logo, it is often preferable to entrust this work to a professional in graphic communication to obtain a result that meets your expectations. If you don't entrust this mandate to a communications firm, an independent graphic designer will be able to produce a quality concept at a lower cost. The graphic designer will produce various logo sketches for you and suggest communication strategies.

Your logo can be added to your electronic signature and, of course, be featured on your website, the creation of which is in itself a specialization of the graphic communications field.

  • The production of business cards, stationery with letterheads and envelopes for correspondence will also be covered.

Finally, all modern communication tools, from brochures to advertisements, can be used. It is a question of strategy and budget.

Michel ROBERT, graphic designer

Create your website!

As an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) professional and in an age where social marketing is on everyone's lips, you need to be found on the web. Search engines are more often than not the gateway to the web. An up-to-date, well-referenced, comprehensive and visually appealing website makes a difference in a competitive market.

Logo : Member of AQIII

Logo : Member of AQIII

Download your AQIII member logo and proudly add it to your business card and all your other communication tools.

Useful links: Image creation

Useful links: Image creation

Registering a domain name and creating an email account is an important step in the branding process, hence the importance of following a proven process.

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AQIII added value: The strength of a network

AQIII added value: The strength of a network

AQIII, your first ally

The AQIII is the only network solely dedicated to independent ICT consultants in Quebec and the place to find relevant resources to support you and develop your business and your "Me Inc. 

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Mentorat AQIII

Mentorat AQIII

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