AQIII - Quebec Association of IT Freelancers

Optimizing your financing

Remuneration options

In terms of the remuneration structure for an incorporated consultant, there are two forms of income: dividend and salary. Navigating between the two may seem straightforward, yet...

Over the past 17 years, there have been many changes in the compensation structure for consultants. 

Indeed, until 2004, it was recommended to pay oneself a salary until the QPP was maximized and to make up the difference with a dividend in order to cover the household needs. Is this still the case?

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Integrated financial planning

Who should read this financial column?

  • You are an IT consultant, so you are an entrepreneur. You could have chosen to remain comfortably within a company as an employee, but instead you have boldly chosen to be 100% responsible for your day-to-day success.
  • You are incorporated and your financial structure is totally different, and certainly more complex than that of an employee.
  • You once left an employer who probably offered you marginal benefits: disability/life/health insurance, pension plan or REER collectif, etc.

You now need to put in place your own protections and strategies for retirement.

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Planning your savings

Desjardins Caisse des Technologies

Are you an independent consultant?
Your passion for technology keeps you awake from morning to night. You have too much to do on a daily basis to have time to manage the financial side of things! That's why we have designed our offers especially for you: simple and direct. Trust us, we are the experts in this field. A single fund that takes care of both your personal and business affairs.

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Choose your Dream Team

They have developed a solid network of recognised partners in the business world. They are accountants, tax specialists, notaries, lawyers... they are a DREAM TEAM.

To make a financial situation evolve, all the participants must work in synergy. The communication between the specialists around the independent consultant is essential. A change in the fiscal point of view can have direct impacts on the management of his accounting and on his current financial plan.

Looking for a Dream Team is strategic and means optimising your finances.

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Loss of small business deduction (SBD)

On January 1, 2017 new corporate tax rates will come into effect that will affect most incorporated IT consultants. What will be the real impact of this change on their income and can the negative impact be avoided?

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Your experts' column

Professional service providers speak out.

  • Setting aside money (MAPA): when, how and why | REGAR

  • Staying as a consultant or becoming a permanent employee - ITA Financial Services

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