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Protecting your fiscal status

Templates and tools

The AQIII provides you with free business contract templates based on the best tax practices, the rules of the Civil Code of Quebec and case law.

Available in editable Word format, these contracts are intended to make it easier for clients to use self-employed ICT workers and to secure the contractual relationship between the parties.

Four sample contracts are available on the AQIII website.
You can propose these contracts to your clients or use them as a basis for your contract negotiations.

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Guide to best tax practices

In this section, the reader will find the main ins and outs of the tax law update concerning the status of self-employed workers in information and communications technology (ICT) following recent case law from the Court of Québec, as well as resulting from discussions between the Agence du Revenu du Québec and the AQIII in order to clarify the administrative position of the tax authorities in similar matters.

In general, 12 practices support entrepreneurial status and are detailed in this tool.

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Your experts' column

Your professional service providers speak out.

  1. Tax status: extended duration of the provision of services to the same client: issues, risks and possible solutions | Me Patrick-Claude Caron

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Chronique Me Caron - Statut fiscal (167.1 KB)