AQIII - Quebec Association of IT Freelancers

About Aqiii

The Quebec Association of IT Freelancer (AQIII). This professional association was founded in 1993 as a non-profit organization. The AQIII represents the voice of more than 24,100 self-employed, freelancers and micro-entrepreneurs in information technology (IT) across Quebec and brings together the largest pool of IT talent in Canada, regardless of expertise (project managers, programmers, developers, analysts, etc.). As the only business community in Quebec exclusively dedicated to independent IT consultants and for over 29 years, it has supported the success of its 1300 members.   


Develop the community of independent IT consultants in Quebec by :

  • Promoting their expertise;
  • Supporting their professional development (tools, information);
  • By encouraging mutual aid between members (networking, co-development);
  • And by defending their interests.


  • Be the professional business network for IT freelancers and consultants in Quebec
  • Be the preferred point of entry to SMEs and contract givers to find the independent IT specialists the need for their projects.

Our Key Values

AQIII is aware that networking and mutual aid based on common needs are key values for the association and its members.

  • Mutual support: We benefit from working together and enjoy doing so.

  • Professionalism: We strive for excellence in everything we do. Our professionalism results from the acquisition of relevant skills, knowledge and abilities that enable us to achieve the highest standards.

  • Integrity: We act honestly, openly and fairly. This means that we take responsibility for our actions in order to build and maintain a reputation as a reliable, professional and impactful organisation.

  • Independence: We protect the association and its members from any interference that would distract us from our mission, vision or values.

Social Cause

Cybercap is a non-profit organization that has been working on socio-professional integration and school retention since 2000.            The organization's mission is to improve the situation of young people. By focusing on digital technology as a motivational tool, CyberCap offers unique opportunities for personal, social, academic and professional development through innovative and stimulating initiatives. Sensitive to social issues and with the support of the industry and schools, CyberCap recently launched Relève numérique, a project that is being deployed in the Greater Montreal area and that aims to support young people in their career choices while supplying the digital sector with talented future workers. 


Francis Mignault, Yves Leblanc and Michel St-Amour, our founders, first envisioned the idea of an association of IT freelancers. The idea matured and was validated by a dozen IT specialists who came together to realize this grand vision by incorporating the association in November 1993.

AQIII’s Timeline

AQIII’s Timeline


1990 - The idea of a community is envisioned

1993 - Incorporation of the Association

1995 - The contract posting service and helps deploy the association

1997 - 100 active members

2001 - 300 active members

2006 - Launch of the Quebec Chapter and hiring of the first AQIII staff

2009 - 1,000 members!

2012 – 1,500 members. Revenu Québec revises the classification criteria applied to the status of IT freelancers in response to AQIII representations and lobbying efforts

2013 - 1700 members! AQIII celebrates 20 years

2014 – Launch AQIII IT Toolbox

2015 –  New web platform and launch of a new program : accreditation as SME IT-Expert 

2018 - AQIII celebrates 25 years

2020 - Lauchn of the new "Starting on your own in 30 days" Guide


Responsable de la protection des renseignements personnels : François Marchal