AQIII - Quebec Association of IT Freelancers

Committees / Interest groups

The MANDATES of the working committees are set each year based on the strategic planning of AQIII.

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Commercial Agreements

  • Negociate attractive and useful offers for members
  • Review existing agreements and in particular, evaluate and negotiate the renewal of agreements for drug insurance / health care / banking services…

Fiscal Status

  • Deploy a federal action plan to strengthen the tax status of our members
  • Communicate critical issues to CRA
  • Help organize and participate in taxation events (AQIII and elsewhere)
  • Create, edit and translate communications relating to taxation issues
  • Educate and raise awareness of the issues

Governance / Ethics

  • Produce specific documents and tools in support of good governance, uncluding committees

- Produce a toolkit on business management
- Produce a code of practice (for members and for partners
- Produce a code of ethics (for AQIII SME Experts and for Board Members)

  • When necessary, propose amendments to regulations, policies or procedures
  • Other interests

- Impact of Bill 49 (ingeneers)
- NDA between AQIII SME Experts and client

Marketing / Membership

  • Annual programming of major events
  • Membership Development

- 2000th member campaign
- Anglophones Action Plan
- Immigrant Action plan

  • Subcommittees:

- Montreal / Quebec speakers
- Annual Survey


  • Support continuous improvement of the website (new investment, technologies...)

- Select supplier
- Ensure implementation and tests

Relations with contract providers

  • Define and implement an action plan to

Reach more Contract providers

- Provide new business opportunities (short terms and simultaneous) to members
- Contribute to the professional recognition of members

  • Develop and deploy the SME Expert AQIII program and all related tools

Regional Development

  • Create and implement an action plan to deploy new chapters in Gatineau/Ottawa, Saguenay and Sherbrooke, according to the three-year strategic planning

- Identify partners and stakeholders
- Organize first activities
- Identify specific needs of local members
- Foster new membership