AQIII - Quebec Association of IT Freelancers



Do you want to get involved with your association?

By getting involved in an AQIII committee, you are actively participating in the evolution of your association and your own. Help us to improve and adapt our services to members thanks to your vision and experience in the field.

Contribute to your success and that of your association:  join one of our committees!

What you need to know: 

  • You must be a member of the AQIII
  • We strongly recommend a maximum of 2 committees
  • Committee meetings are held in person, by Teams or both :)
  • The mandates of the committees are defined each year according to the strategic orientations of the AQIII


Ready to get started? This is your mission:


Trade agreements

By joining this committee, you will contribute to maintaining the high standard of product/service offerings that AQIII offers to its members through various actions including :

  • Optimising AQIII's relations with its partners
  • Develop new partnerships
  • Adapting the range of services and products to meet members' current needs

Tax and public affairs

Do you want to deal with members' tax and public records? This committee is for you!

  • Analyse the impact of tax changes and government policies
  • Write briefs and recommendations
  • Representing the interests of members to government agencies and the ecosystem
  • Communicating developments on key issues to members and the media

Governance / Ethics

Ask to be part of this committee if you are ready to make decisive choices:

  • Produce specific documents and tools to support the good governance of the AQIII, its committees and its actions
  • Where necessary, review and propose amendments to the bylaws, policies or procedures of the Board of Directors

Membership and Youth Wing

Take part in the growth of your association:

  • Define and implement a strategy to cover members' needs
  • Determine membership formats and associated service packages
  • Establish the association's tool requirements to support developments
  • Suggesting activities needed to implement the strategy


You want to support the continuous improvement of the website (new investments, infographics...)?  This committee is for you!

Relations with major companies

Join this committee and participate in the development of strategies to foster direct business with large companies. (LC)

  • Help to implement the action plan
  • Carry out the first meetings with LC
  • Develop tools to facilitate the relationship between LC and independent consultants

Your involvement is valuable to us, contact us!