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Joël Jean-Langlois

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Movens Technologies
Fullstack Developper
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Aug. 26, 2019
Programmer / Developer
Programmer / Developer
Analyst / Advisor
Programmer Analyst, Safety Consultant

As a driven montreal-based developer, I am an excellent team player highly motivated to
produce quality software. Holding a Bachelor's Degree of software engineering from Ecole
Polytechnique De Montreal, I have more than 8 years of experience in web development. My
technical skills were developed mainly as an entrepreneur in the software business while lately,
I've been interested in helping businesses and public institutions thrive by doing some
consulting work.

I have substantial know-how in mainstream web technologies such as several JavaScript
frameworks, NodeJS, Angular, database systems and authentication strategies, from an
architectural standpoint as well as functional. Furthermore, I am proficient in front-end and backend frameworks with a set of skills in web design and UX while being altogether able to rapidly
grasp new technologies and existing systems. Taking into account my experience in automated
testing, I can ensure longevity, maintenance and reusability to systems components through
complete code coverage.

The sustained interest I have towards leveraging the industry's best practices gets reflected
directly into the projects in which I am involved. I have a keen ability to synthesize the most
complex situations in conjunction with solid leadership abilities. I thereby find myself a valuable
asset not only in early development phases but also within well-established teams and longterm projects.

Montreal - Downtown

A11Y, Agile, Angular, AngularJS, Application Security, ASP.NET, Asp.Net Core, Atlassian JIRA, Azure AD B2C, Chai, CosmoDB, CSS 3, dotnet, Express, GIT, Gitflow, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, JWT, Karma, Less, Mocha, MongoDB, Nginx Installation + Configuration, Node.js, OAuth2, OpenID Connect, Pug, react, REST API, Scss, Swagger, Typescript, UI, VSTS, Vue, Wordpress