AQIII - Quebec Association of IT Freelancers

Steeve Montour, freelancer IT

For Steeve Montour, project manager and member of the Quebec Association of IT Freelancer (AQIII), you are primarily self-employed to achieve personal fulfilment while serving people. 

Raynald Bouchard, freelancer IT

Co-founder of Chapitre de Québec of AQIII and Oracle specialist, Raynald Bouchard enjoys working in the field and sharing his expertise with young people. For those who would like to start their own business, he recommends joining a group to benefit from the knowledge of others in the association.

Solange Morneau, freelancer IT

Strategic advisor, business architect and member of chapitre de Québec of AQIII, Solange Morneau has had an atypical career path that has taken him from accounting to IT systems. According to her, credibility and networking are the key to success for someone who wants to be self-employed.

Yves B. Desfossés, freelancer IT

For Yves B. Desfossés, specialist in IT process improvement and member of the Quebec Association of IT Freelancer (AQIII), il think as a company, like an entrepreneur, when you start your own business.