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Start-up guide "Starting on your own in 30 days"

Start-up guide "Starting on your own in 30 days"

Whether you are a professional in information technology (IT) thinking of becoming a freelancer, starting a microbusiness or hesitant to take the leap into creating your own business, this guide is for you.

AQIII produced this updated and enhanced start-up guide to suit the needs of the consulting community. It will provide you with useful tips to guide you in your journey to success.

This guide is intended as a tool to demystify the independent IT consultant’s work and assist him or her towards operating a business efficiently and at reasonable costs. It was created and reviewed by AQIII members, themselves independent consultants, supported by specialized professionals in the different IT fields.

  • An Accompanied Journey in 30 days
  • Advices of experts
  • Useful checklists and references
  • and more! 


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