AQIII - Quebec Association of IT Freelancers

Types of memberships and costs

Discover the details of our different types of membership


$290 / year

$290 / year

  • For 12 consecutive months
  • With all privileges and vote

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$999 / first year

$999 / first year

Starting package. Only available for your first year as a member. Everything you'll need to get started ! 

  • One (1) year membership in AQIII
  • Provincial incorporation
  • Start-up guide "Partir à son compte en 30 jours"
  • Video clips of the start-up workshops
  • An Excel spreadsheet for bookkeeping
  • Analysis of your financial requirements + one (1) month free on the support package of your choice
  • Industry portrait
  • Digital toolbox
  • Model contracts

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Details of the package (58.4 KB)
$640 / year ($995 for partners)

$640 / year ($995 for partners)

Exclusive and limited to 100 members. 2,500$ value.

  • MEMBERS: Includes all privileges of the REGULAR membership + an exclusive membership at Club Saint-James of Montreal. 640$+tx (including your regular membership 290$ and the VIP portion 350$)
  • PARTNERS Privilege & Platinum : 1 representative at the CLUB VIP for 995$+tx - DETAILS HERE

To become a VIP member, you must CONTACT US by PHONE: 514 388-6147 x 1.

Details of VIP offer (FR only) (835.8 KB)
$99 / year

$99 / year

Membership for full-time students, 30 years old or less. 

  • One year membership
  • With all privileges of REGULAR membership
  • You'll have to show a proof of full-time registration

Our team will contact you once you paid for the remaining of your member's registration. 

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Eligibility requirements :

Any person acting as a consultant or contractor (less than 20 employees) in a field related to information technology may become a regular member by applying to the corporation.

Important before joining

The AQIII offers group insurance (health care, drugs and travel).  The member will have to subscribe to a drug insurance plan. More info


  • I am an immigrant/newcomer... : You can be a member if you are a permanent resident or a Canadian citizen (you must be able to apply for and carry out ICT mandates). Work/Vacation Permits (WVP) are not sufficient.
  • I am a permanent employee... : even if you are currently employed by a company, you can apply for membership of the AQIII.
    • you will be able to benefit from the tools of the AQIII to find your first mandate.
    • you can find additional contracts.
    • concept of business and contractual intelligence : check your current employment contract to ensure that there is no clause in place that prevents you from doing ICT contracts in parallel. If in doubt, ask one of the AQIII lawyers for help.
  • I am a student... : Are you currently a full-time student and under 30 years old? You have at least 1 year of experience in ICT in internships/contracts/employment (paid or unpaid)? You can apply for your AQIII membership at a special rate!

Good to know...

  • Membership fees are tax-deductible
  • When you refer a new member and they mention your name in their application (in the comments box), you receive a $25 credit on your next membership renewal.
  • Applications for VIP membership should be made to the AQIII Office
  • Applications for REGULAR, ESSENTIAL and STUDENT membership can be made quickly and efficiently online, 24 hours a day. So you can quickly start benefiting from AQIII's tools and services, get seen and find your mandate!