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Christian Hamel

Nom d'entreprise :
Titre professionnel :
Architecte applicatif senior
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Courriel :
Expertises :
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Spécialisation :
Architecte applicatifs
Expertises :
Programmeur / développeur
Année(s) d'expérience :
Spécialisation :
Programmeur / développeur

Description :
• Design highly available and scalable private cloud solutions meeting business needs and own the architectural decisions for the team.
• Understanding the architectural direction and standards of the organization and helping to ensure that the team adheres to them.
• Participating in all phases of the software development lifecycle, from initial requirements gathering to delivery.
• Create end-to-end solution design and code including: build, test, deployment, monitoring, functionality, and non-functional characteristics.
• Working with the AGILE development team to estimate, plan, design, and deliver software.
• Mentoring and coaching other team members in design, coding, and software engineering practices.

Régions :
Laval, Montréal - Centre-Ville, Montréal - Ouest

Mots-clés :
architect java, Architecte applicatif, Architecte d'entreprise, Architecte SOA