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Profil membre

Gino Robert

Nom d'entreprise :
Propm Global Inc.
Titre professionnel :
Gestionnaire de projet senior - Gestionnaire de programme - Directeur PMO
Profil LinkedIn :

Date de disponibilité :
29 septembre 2017
Courriel :
Téléphone :
514 229-8809 514 229-8809
Expertises :
Gestion de projet / PCO
Spécialisation :
Gestion - Chargé de projet, Gestion - Directeur de programme, Gestion - Directeur de projet, Gestion - Directeur TI, Gestion - Bureau de gestion de projet (PMO)
Expertises :
Analyste / conseiller
Spécialisation :
Conseiller en gestion du changement, Conseiller en méthodologie

Description :
Accomplished, forward-thinking leader with 18+ years of experience in managing complex Projects and Programs. Develop strategies that consistently support organizational goals, improve overall efficiency, and build customer confidence.

Over the years, I have established a strong and reliable reputation within my field of management, so much so, that I was often selected as “Turnaround Specialist” for multiple projects and programs that were failing. With my skill set and proven management abilities, I was consistently able to lead all key project aspects from start to finish.

Aptitude to inspire, align and lead diverse teams in pursuit of common goals. Ability to build consensus and develop mutually beneficial associations based on trust and respect. Outstanding experience in change management, mergers and business integration. First-rate communication, meeting facilitation and executive presentation expertise.

As evidenced throughout my career, I can manage any type of person in any region all the while utilizing effective management methodologies to exceed targeted goals. To date, I have held key leadership roles for over $110M worth of projects and programs.

I founded ProPm Global 2010 - a project management company in Montreal, to focus on developing the highest level of management services I envisioned. Driven by my passion for developing leading edge practices, I perfected a management methodology which bridged the existing gaps between the current traditional delivery models and the real customer needs.

Régions :
Autre - International, Autre - Télétravail, Centre-du-Québec, Lanaudière, Laval, Montréal - Centre-Ville, Outaouais - Gatineau, Rive-Sud de Montréal

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